Fanta Watson is a painter and potter. Her pieces contain in them the intimacy of touch. In her

work there is a focus on textures which results in an element of relief to her paintings and has

moved her pottery towards the functional. Real connection shared in an honest felt way. A felt

sense that breathes authentic through the material. Relief. The passionate texture moves quick

through acrylics,

Her paintings are a conversation taking place on the canvas that saunters back and forth

between form, color, and texture. The balancing of a feeling, the give and take of emotion.

Landscapes of impressionist emotions which often start out figuratively, like the simplicity of a

small kitchen scene is then ripped open and covered by emotion.

shape. in her nonfigurative abstract work. Her work is profoundly influenced by the sea and the

desert. There is an element of water and earth.

Born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Fanta fell in love with clay when she took her first pottery class

at the age of thirteen. She has been making pots ever since.

She teaches at Studio Arts in Boulder. She studied at The San Francisco Art Academy,

University de Barcelona Bellas Arts, and the University of Colorado at Boulder. Fanta splits her

time between Boulder and Barcelona where she works alongside her Catalan husband and

fellow artist Sergi Gomis. Her pottery has been shown and sold in Barcelona, Los Angeles and



 Fanta Watson - no rules, have at it

painter potter

Intimacy of touch

        a point of calm or of vibrancy

water, earth

                                impressions on clay bodies

a conversation on canvas

the family jewels

                                                                                                 abstract Divine dreamscapes

a sea of flesh with eyeshadow

                                            desert rose colored glasses

pastel shades fade to beckon me out a small window



Painter and potter, my work is based in functional beauty. I like hues of gold and creating little

sanctuaries, points of calm or of vibrancy, for the viewer to settle in to or be energized by. I

move in textured feeling, exploring through acrylics, different glazes, relief, and carving, the

intimacy of the tactile. The Mediterranean sea rolls into my paintings and the New Mexican

desert spreads out over the canvas; both have also influenced my pottery. Pastel shades fade

to beckon me into an abstract dreamscape, a mica spangled sea, desert rose-colored glasses.

Impressions on clay bodies, little pieces you can hold in your hands, containers for us to sip our

tea. To find the calm, to find the excitement. That is what I hope my pieces help do, that is the

work I aim for. Creating a conversation on the canvas, finding balance in the form of a cup, the

give and take of emotion in art. I like to take the figurative or the landscape and rip it open with

feeling lip to lip.